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Fl : The Don Cesar
Fl : Disney's HM
Fl: Route 666
MA: Borden House/Grave
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NJ: Mt. Olive
NY: Howe Caverns
NY: Sleepy Hollow
NC: Acid park
NC: A. Johnson House
NC: Mordecai House
NC: Odds & Ends
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PA: Amity Hall
PA: Blanche Price Park
PA: C.M. Schwab School
PA: Centralia
PA: Centralia (2)
PA: Columns Museum
PA: Concrete City
PA: Devil's Den
PA: Eastern State Pen.
PA: Fort Depuy
PA: Franklin Museum
PA: Fricks Lock
PA: Gettysburg
PA: Hawk Mt.
PA: Hickory Run St. Park
PA: Hungry Hill
PA: Indian Museum
PA: Jim Thorpe Inn
PA: Jim Thorpe Jail
PA: JT Opera House
PA: Jim Thorpe Ruins
PA: JT Odds & Ends
PA: Mutter Museum
PA: Old Engine Works
PA: J. Priestly House
PA: Shawnee
PA: Lehigh Tannery
PA: Mad Anthony
PA: Montgomery House
PA: Odds & Ends
PA: Pennhurst
PA: Power House eatery
PA: Weatherly Cemetery
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VA: Mt. Vernon
VA: Neptune
VA: Poe Museum
VA: Rescue Station
VA: Rosewell Foundation
VA: St. John's Cemetery
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