Pennsylvania: Blanche Price Park

Situated in Pocono Pines, PA, in Tobyhanna Township, Blanche Price Park sits as a beautiful recreational area, always in use. This park is home to many local school and community baseball leagues, due to its dual ball parks and other amenities.

Located in the park are two lodges which can be rented for a fee. Though I suffer from lack of information on the origins of the Park I do know it was once used as a summer camp. An interesting twist is, locals believe it to be haunted. By whom, I am not sure In fact information on this park is proving to be quite allusive but in time I am confident I will learn more. Until then here is the ghoulish stuff I have found.

Visitors have reported hearing footsteps on and around the porch of the larger lodge as well as strange sounds and moans. I was also privileged enough to hear a witnesses alleged EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recording. Disembodied sounds and footsteps where heard when the recorder was left, and no one present to make the noises recorded. Former summer camp attendees, now much older, have exclaimed the same happenings back when they would spend the summer camped in the lodges.

Perhaps with a little more digging, I shall uncover more of the riddle of Blanche Price Park.

-GhastlyG :January/June 2003