Pennsylvania: Weatherly Cemetery

 Nestled away down a dark and quite Pennsylvania road, the Weatherly cemetery sits alone in ruin. Not only from time and decay, but from the ignorant hand of vandals and thrill seekers. This shadow of a graveyard was once the site of St. Joseph's Catholic Church and Cemetery until 1875, when the congregation moved to the newly built St Nicholas catholic church (which can be found on plain street just a few miles from its original site).

After many years of abandonment, the old church and burial site began to take on rumors of paranormal activity. From witch gatherings, to as far-out as cannibalism. Unfortunately, the old church fell to an arsons hand in 1966, and since then the cemetery has been a target for countless teenagers bent on seeing spirit's. The only problem is, after a few to many spirits they throw the bottles and cans around and push over tombstones. What they don't know is that the predominantly Irish cemetery is sanctuary to coal miners from the nearby Eckley Miners Village. It is also said that members of the famous Molly Maguires have been laid to rest here as well.

-GhastlyG 2004