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North Carolina: Andrew Johnson's Birthplace

It was on December 29th, 1808 when Americas 17th President, Andrew Johnson, was born in this building. Originally, it was located on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh NC. The structure was once the kitchen of Casso’s Inn, a notable hotel in Raleigh at the time. Andrews’s father worked for the Inn and the family resided there, while Andrew was young. Later, Andrew would move to Greeneville, Tennessee.

Andrew Johnson would go on to succeed in Presidency, following Lincoln’s assassination and would hold office from 1865–1869. He passed away in 1875. It was in the early 1900's that the little birth place was moved from Fayetteville Street to Mordecai Square, Raleigh N.C., where it remains a historical site along side other historic landmarks of North Carolina. But, apparently the past is alive and well here. Visitors and employees alike have reported witnessing ghostly candlelight and apparitions, in and around this monument.

-GhastlyG :March 2008

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