Pennsylvania: C.M. Schwab School

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Schwab visited the town of Weatherly on May 5, 1901. They where so pleased with the warm welcome they received, they wished to give back to the town where Mrs. Schwab was from. In fact, Charles Schwab said "We would like to do something for the community. My wife is a native of Weatherly, and I would like to remember the town that gave me such an excellent wife. You must decide what you want". And with this offer, the idea for a much needed new school became a reality. For in September of 1901, ground was broken and work began on the new three story brick School. 

By July 1903, the new Mrs. C.M. Schwab School was finished, and Classes began on September 22, 1903. Sadly in the late 1980’s ,plans for a new school were in development, and by the early 1990’s, the Beautiful gift to the town of Weatherly would sit empty.

To this day, the School remains desolate, and continues to sit slowly decaying in a town that seems to ignore its winsomeness.

I believe the oddest fact about the school is the story of the clock. Promised to the town of Black Creek by David Weatherly, upon the changing of the town name to Weatherly, he would erect a town clock. Ironically, he never fulfilled that agreement. So, as the school was being built, a large clock from the Seth-Thomas Clock Co. was placed on the roof of the schoolhouse By Eurana Schwab, to make right the unfulfilled promise. So the question remains, why would something that meant so much to a town, be left to deteriorate? At this time, it is still salvageable. So come on Weatherly, do something about it!

-GhastlyG :October 2008