Pennsylvania: Powerhouse Eatery

The Powerhouse Eatery is a truly wonderful example of what can be done, to not only save, but in return utilize the distinct abandoned old buildings, that still linger in our communities.

Now a unique dining experience, the powerhouse eatery was once a running power plant for the White Haven Sanitarium a hospital, which opened in 1907. Before there was immunization for the disease, the hospital was dedicated to the care of tuberculosis patients, as the cool fresh mountain air was believed to posses healing qualities As consumption became a widespread epidemic, the hospital grew and more buildings where built to accommodate the inflicted.

The hospital produced its own power from a coal to steam power plant, Which supplied all the energy it needed, but as vaccinations ended the pandemic, and made treatment much easier, the White Haven Sanitarium closed its doors.
PA Powerhouse Eatery

It was in 1956 that it was reopened as a care center for the mentally challenged - until overcrowding became an issue. By 1976, as the construction of a new center was finished just across I-80, the old Sanitarium was discarded.

Though most remnants of the old hospital are now gone or in private use, the old powerhouse remains. for in 1989 a new breath of life was given to the old plant. It was restored and converted into one of the most impressive and memorable dinning experiences you will ever have. With such intricate details like the pipes, valves, gauges and boilers, the atmosphere will take you back to its industrial days, a nostalgic trip into Americas medical past.

If you find yourself at the Powerhouse Eatery, you can expect your meal, as well as the staff to be as delightful as the place itself. I can only hope others can be inspired by the Powerhouse Eatery, to not only create a wonderful business, but to save a part of America’s history.