Pennsylvania: Amity Hall

One very misunderstood building is the Amity Hall Inn. Built in the 1830’s, this Georgian style hotel has a history that is overshadowed by unfounded fanciful tails, created by thrill seeking teens. What can be said about the inn, is between the senseless vandals and the owners a foolish family of lawyers (who virtually show no concern about the decaying landmark), make it a daunting task to save for anyone willing to try.

As for the rumors of murder and other grizzly tragedies at the Inn, one can blame the multitudes of kids with creative Imaginations, who not only break in to Amity Hall, but also feel It necessary to destroy the already suffering Hotel.

Seemingly the only ones who care for the old hotel, are the vigilant police officers (“you know who you are and thank you”), and the caretaker of the Inn, who do their best to catch and prosecute trespassers.

Truly if there are spirits Lingering around Amity Hall, and there just may be, they are in grave danger of losing there home.

-GhastlyG :November 2007