Virginia: Mt. Vernon

It was said by George Washington himself, that “No estate in United America is more pleasantly situated than this”. and upon a single visit to his beloved home, Mount Vernon, it would be hard to disagree.


Sitting on a beautiful, green, Virginia hillside, majestically looming over the wide Potomac River, Mount Vernon Remains as the very handprint of our adored forefather. Washington meticulously looked over every detail of Mount Vernon and took great pride in all aspects of the design and function of the home, and all its property.

It was in the early 1740’s that Lawrence Washington built Mount Vernon, from property left to him by his father, Augustine Washington. young George would inherit the Ferry Farm property. It was upon his elder brother’s death, that George Washington would acquire the homestead, leasing it from Lawrence’s widow, until her death. George Washington painstakingly turned Mount Vernon into a profitable, well working 8,000 acre plantation that was completely self sufficient. even despite his absences during his 8 years as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, and his time as the first President of the United States of America.

Washington would remain happily busy at Mount Vernon until is death in 1799, when it was left to Martha. After Martha’s death in 1802, the home would be passed down the family line, steadily falling into disrepair, until 1858. Then, the Mount Vernon Ladies Association Purchased the Home from John A. Washington Jr., for 200,000 dollars. From then on, they would attend to the task of fully restoring Mount Vernon to its proper 1799 condition. His house, his tomb, his greenhouse, his smokehouse, slave quarters, stables and many other structures have been preserved and maintained to give all visitors the experience of walking in the footsteps of the greatest American of all time, General George Washington.


-GhasltyG 2008