New Jersey: Mt. Olive

When James Heaton deeded his one acre parcel of land to four different religious denominations (Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopalians and Congregationalists), he did so in the hopes they would construct a meeting house, a school house and a cemetery. And in 1753, the large, Roxbury church was built. It was in this church that all the congregations would worship together, and would do so for the next 40 years.

By the 1850’s, only the Baptists and the Presbyterians were left to share the church. So, they each decided to build new establishments for there own congregations, one on each side of the Mount Olive Academy (which was built on the property in 1837).

Sadly, in 1969, after more than one hundred years of use, the little old churches would sit empty, as new modern churches would be built miles away. The old Baptist church built in 1855, the little aged cemetery and the quaint schoolhouse now sit empty, still in relatively good shape, just waiting for its next purpose in this life.

-GhastlyG :June 2007