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Salvatore "Ghastly G"


Born in Pennsylvania, USA 

Lover of American history (especially George Washington), classic Universal Monsters, Industrial/Gothic Music, Musical Theatre and much more. He did a few public readings of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven", which he was very proud of.

"GhastlyG" was Salvatore's ghoulish persona, for most of this life. Usually you would find him dressed all in black, in a 5-piece suit, top hat, cane and gloves, complete with mutton chops.

We spent much of our earlier years together exploring haunted/historical sites, and that is how the original site was born. Most of the stories were written by him, and a few of the photos were taken by him.

Sadly, we lost Salvatore to suicide in 2015. While I do not want this to be the focus of his life, it's important to acknowledge it here. Depression and schizophrenia are not a joke, and the system is flawed with providing help. If you, or someone you know has thoughts of suicide, please try to find someone who will listen and help you. You can't solve a problem when people just blame everyone else. Open your eyes, listen, learn, and save a life.


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