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about the GG Project

Hello fellow ghouls! Welcome to the "Spooktacular world of GhastlyG"! started back in 2001 (way before one of us "girls" were even a thought).  This site has been through many, many changes over the years. The last site was a sad attempt of preparing for the mobile phone era, and it looked hideous LOL.  I know having a freebie site isn't everyone's thing, but, as long as I can showcase everything, my goal is met. My site - - has  been around since 1998 and gone through many changes as well.

Back in 2015, we lost GhastlyG. It's now 2019, and I think its finally time to revamp and move forward. We will do our best to keep his spirit alive, doing what he loved most, while putting our own twist on things. Therefore, I am renaming it the "GG Project", and it will be connected to both my site ( and his (


My goal is to get all our original journeys up first. Some of the photos aren't the best (compared to nowadays), but this was how we started, and they'll always have a place here. I also have lots of adventures that were never added, for whatever the reason. I'll be adding those as well. I may not write up stories like we used to, but photos will be a big part of this site.


Our goal is to transform this in to our own, and add our new adventures, hoping to give this site a whole new life. GhastlyG will always be a part of us, but it's now time to do some exploring of our own! We hope you will join us on our continued journey!<3 : October 10, 2019

-Ghastly's Girls

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