Pennsylvania: Fricks Lock

The area of Fricks Lock can be traced back to the 1700’s, but it was in 1815 that the landowner Jon Frick sold the family land to the Schuylkill Navigation Company (SNC). The SNC built two large locks to increase and put an ease on barge trafficking. The village now named Fricks Locks (originally plural), became a hustling little commercial village, that was home to the lock workers as well as there families. The small village had its own general store, school, train station and even stately mansions.

Though time and advancements in transportation eventually drained the locks and closed the train station, the coup de gras came in 1968 when the limerick nuclear power plant was built, looming over Fricks Lock. A short time later it was deemed unsafe to inhabit due to its proximity to the plant, and the village was abandoned in the early 1980’s.

The town still survives, though only in a more natural state. Overgrown, crumbling and mostly forgotten in the shadow of the still functioning Limerick nuclear power plant.

-PaperSouls :September 2007