Pennsylvania: Jim Thorpe Inn

 After a devastating fire in 1849 that destroyed most of what was Mauch Chunk‘s business district, the town, which is now known as 'Jim Thorpe', had the grueling task of rebuilding the community. One casualty of the fire was the White Swan Hotel, which was built in the year 1833 by Cornelius Conner. Like a phoenix, the town arose from its ashes late in the year of 1849 more grand then ever. The New American Hotel was built right on the old foundation of the White Swan. The hotel quickly became host to some of the 19th century greats, such as: Thomas Edison, Buffalo Bill, General Ulysses S. Grant and John D. Rockefeller.

Although the hotel had some periods of disrepair, in 1988 it was sold and became the Inn at Jim Thorpe. Now it stands as a pristine example of our ability to save these priceless landmarks. This 45 room historic wonder is successful in keeping its Victorian charm, yet providing modern amenities. Also, with your stay, come your very own complementary spooks. That's right! It is said that rooms 211, 310 and 311 have guests who never checked out. Speculations on the identity of the specters vary. Though some believe it to be the sprits of two lost lovers, who while conducting extra-marital affairs arranged to meet each other at the inn. Out of confusion, the lovers each rented a room, and waited for the other to arrive. The rooms supposedly rented were 211 and 311. Heartbroken, the women tragically took her own life in her room. So it is said.

Many guests and employees boast of run-ins with the supernatural. Televisions that turn on and off by themselves, things moved from where they where left, and ghostly laughter. One couple even awoke to find all their bathroom towels stuffed into the toilet. Also, the faceless apparition of a women in period clothes has been seen. The hotel wonderfully embraces their haunted history with their very own ghost tours, and pamphlets about the paranormal happenings. So whether you're looking for a ghostly getaway, or just an old fashioned place to relax, try resting in peace at the Inn at Jim Thorpe. 

-GhastlyG :January 2008