Born in New York, USA 

Lover of Musical Theater, crafting, web design and traveling/exploring. I am pretty much the photographer and site designer (and the new host of this site. So if you're reading and see "i" or "me", on updates or newer additions, chances are i'm the one writing it).  99% of the photos here were taken by me (the other 1% by Salvatore. None of the older photos were ever edited), and I also helped with writing a few of the stories (some of which may be mislabeled as GG because I couldn't remember if I did certain ones or not... lol).  I do not like being in the spot light, so chances are you won't see my face much. 

We started in 2001, but I have been making websites since around 1996. Some good some pretty bad lol. My very first attempt was a South Park site. I finally purchased around 1998, but before that I had damnedinhellfire and inhellfire, as well as a ton of geocities/angelfire (!!!) sites. Remember Sebastian Bach, from the band Skid Row? I had a tribute site for him for years, mainly due to his run in Jekyll & Hiyde on Broadway.  Before that, it was just a personal site, which changed often. I also had created a website for a pretty popular interior designer, Sandra Schneider around 2001.

I've was forced to be out of the loop for a long time, hence me using a free site builder. Maybe one day i'll have time to sit and make something really cool, but for now, this is free, easy, and pretty - so it works for me ;)