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I created in 2001, but I have been making websites since around 1996. Some good, some very bad lol. I finally purchased somewhere around 1998, but before that I had a ton of geocities/angelfire (!!!) sites. I also created a website for a pretty popular interior designer, Sandra Schneider, around 2001.

Where did the name PaperSouls come from?

Back in 1995/1996, during the depressing days of AOL, lol, i created the name. We were big into writing poetry, and what started out as the name of a poem turned into "me". I've been using the name since (although some others have come along trying to steal it....  I'm glad I held onto my domain!)  It's kind of ironic that paper is now my favorite thing to work with. The name has always been special to me, and always will be. 


The majority of my social media is papersouls, but on the occasion someone has taken it, you can most likely find me @ papersplace. 

What do I do?

I create custom paper products, mainly cards. Why? Even with all of our technology, it's heart warming to give someone a handmade card and seeing a smile on their face! We live in a world where there is so much negativity, if I can bring happiness to someone, with something so little, it's worth every minute I invest in creating it.  My goal is to open a shop so I can share them with everyone. <3

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