A few ground rules...

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Just a little FYI here...

As far as the old content goes, it's all staying exactly as it was. Meaning, the photos are probably crooked and possibly out of focus at times, and i'm sure there are typos and some bad grammar as well. In other words, no bitching about stupid things, please. I'm not going to change them, as this is how it has been for the past 10 years. Now, if some of the facts stated are incorrect, by all means head on over to the forums and make a post letting me know, as I do not want to spread misinformation (Hauntings on the other hand, are all speculation to begin with).

I'm an adult, I may swear.

I may share some personal thoughts or stories.

I may talk openly about suicide.

This is my site. I pay for these domains. So, unless you're going to offer up a few years of hosting funds, making it worth my time to change it all over again, don't complain about the banner across the top of the site. It could look a lot worse.

This is my project. It has always been 50% my project, and now that Ghastly is gone, I call the shots as far as all of this goes. I've always been the site designer and the photographer. For since 2001, and since 1998. If someone else is involved on an adventure, and wants to be named, I shall do so.

If you want to share something, whether an experience or a journey, I have set up a forum. You can find the link in the menu (you may need to sign up for an account). You can post photos, videos, words, whatever you like. I'd love to hear/see it all! If possible, share the location as well, just in case our path leads that way one day. You can also use the contact form. Any experiences you send me through the contact form may be posted in the forums, just a heads up.

If you're here to troll and cause issues, please just go away and don't waste anyone's time.

I'm not trying to come across as an ass with any of this. People seem to think they are very entitled nowadays, and i'm not here for drama. If you don't like it, click that little x in the corner. If you can't handle sarcasm or a little swearing, leave. If you can't handle the truth being told, leave. I'm at the point where I've dealt with enough of people's shit, for way too long, and i'm done with catering to closed minded fools.

Now that that's out of the way.... ;)


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